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December 3, 2017

8:25 PM

A list of reason (excuses?) to avoid preparing ourselves for the future

Francisco Miraval

As a public service and to save time to our readers, we are talking the liberty of sharing here a list of reasons (excuses?) to avoid paying attention to the future and, therefore, to avoid preparing for a future that is no longer continuity of the past and to stop others, mostly our families and communities, from preparing themselves.

All these reasons were recently expressed at different meetings by real persons. They are presented here in no particular order:

- “That day I will have a family reunion”.

- “I already learned it 40 years ago”.

- “This is not what my grandmother told me”.

- “The weather report says it will be very cold that day”.

- “The weather report says it will be very hot that day”.

- “Two days later it will be national holiday”.

- “I don’t go alone at night”.

- “I don’t like that part of town”.

- “If it is free, then it is not good at all”.

- “It will never happen. God will not allow it”.

- “I have to take my son to a doctor’s appointment”.

- “I am too tired after work”.

- “My husband/wife prefers not to talk about those topics”.

- “It will be a long time before the future arrives”.

- “Artificial Intelligence is just a creation of Hollywood”.

- “I saw a movie about that”.

- “I don’t believe what media says about the future”.

- “This is not true because there was nothing on the news about it”.

- “I asked my pastor/priest and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about”.

- “The future doesn’t exist”.

- “There is no need to worry now about something it could never happen”.

- “I have plenty of time before the future arrive”.

- “Many smart people are already addressing the problem. I don’t need to do it”.

- “What would I say to my children if they ask me?”

- “This is a difficult topic. I don’t have time to study it”.

- “I don’t need to prepare for the future. I will not what to do”.

- “My children will take care of me”.

- “The government will find the way to help us. That’s why we voted for them.”

- “Things change slowly. We have enough time to prepare”.

- “I don’t even belong to the present, much less to the future”.  

- “The end of the world could happen tomorrow, so, no need to worry”.

- “Give me the short version of the topic. That’s everything I need”.

- “My friends will laugh at me”.

- “If I like to topic, I will find it online”.

- “I don’t want problems with anybody”.

- “I already help and respect others”.

- “Let’s talk in two weeks from now”.

The list could grow almost indefinitely. We hope the few examples listed above will be useful to the readers when looking for reasons (excuses?) to avoid the future or any other topic. 

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